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Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management Service is a professional service where experienced and qualified portfolio managers supported by a research team manages equity portfolios on behalf of clients. It provides the back-end support for managing their portfolio.

Who are we?

Century Capital Markets Limited (CCML) is a subsidiary of Century Commercial Bank Ltd., “A” Class Commercial Bank in Nepal. It has obtained license from Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) to be engaged in merchant banking activities in 2019.

CCML operates independently under professional management with strategic support from the board and its parent company. We provide wide varieties of customized investment management products/services to meet the specific investment objectives of our clients.

Why PMS in Century Capital?

  • We focus on providing transparency and regular update to our clients.
  • We focus on identifying client's risk appetite.
  • We focus on minimizing risk and maximizing return.
  • We track the market and invest your money wisely.
  • We take decisions which can prosper your wealth tremendously.
  • We prioritize your requirements for what kind of returns you actually expect from your investments.
  • We focus on micro research & evaluating it in prevailing global & domestic macro environment.
  • We analyze perfect entry and exit points.
  • We identify the best companies to invest irrespective of the sector.
  • We handle all types of administrative responsibilities such as dealing with brokers, signature verifications, bonus share collections, dividend collections etc.
  • We provide our clients their Portfolio Login so they can have a look on their portfolio / profit and loss on daily basis.





Discretionary Portfolio Management is a form of investment management in which buy and sell decisions are made by a portfolio manager for the client's account. Under this service, Portfolio Manager has full and absolute discretion to manage the assets of account of clients.

Investors who doesn’t have time and lack of knowledge but wants to invest and rely upon a professional expert manager to increase their investment further, should approach for this service.

 Following are the range of product CCML PMS offers:


Century ORANGE Portfolio “go with orange”

Century Orange Portfolio aims in comprising of stocks that are currently undervalued but have higher intrinsic value. This portfolio suits best to investor who seeks secure investment and risk management. This product focuses in identifying stocks with attractive growth possibilities that are currently undervalued.


Century GREEN Portfolio – “go with green”

Century Green Portfolio focuses on highly fluctuating and volatile stock. This portfolio suits better to investors who have patience and wants to take the risk to maximize their return. This portfolio will assign majority of fund in equities. This product will invest in financially strong companies having a good growth potential in future.


Century "GOLDEN" Portfolio

Century Golden Portfolio is designed for institutional/corporate clients with unique investment objectives. This product focuses on diversifying the investment to manage risk whilst providing long term growth and high yield.


Century " PINK” Portfolio “go with pink”

Century Pink Portfolio focuses on new investor who are willing to enter or invest with low investment in the market. This portfolio is designed for those investor who seeks for less risk and assurance of return.


Century Diamond Portfolio

Century Diamond Portfolio is designed to channelize a comfort investment into a high growth instrument. This portfolio is suitable to those investor who are likely to take high risk and expect higher return.



Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management Service means a portfolio management services where we (Portfolio Manager) acts on the instructions received from our client with regard to investment of funds of the client under a contract relating to portfolio management.

Under this service, all the decision making power lies in the hands of the client only.



Under this service, Century Capital Markets served the customer as advisory/administrative service where the portfolio manager only suggests the investment ideas. The choice, as well as the execution of the investment decisions, rest solely with the investor and the execution of trade is done by the client themselves.

• Handles aspects such as dividend collection (Bonus shares and cash),

•Rights, IPO and FPO share application,

• Filling auctions for Rights shares, dematerializing shares, etc.

We aim to extend and establish our supporting hand to our clients not only as service provider but as investment partner seeking long term fruitful relationship for mutual growth and prosperity.

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