Investment Management Services

Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management Services is an investment portfolio in Stocks, Debt and Fixed income products managed by a professional investment management team that can potentially be tailored to meet individuals as well as institutional investment objectives. It provides the back-end support for managing their portfolio.

PMS account holders Stocks & fund are maintained under separate Depository & Bank Accounts in the respective client’s name with the custodian bank. It involves a diverse range of services depending on your individual needs and often includes portfolio management, financial planning, retirement planning, risk management, tax planning, asset protection, and debt management. Our holistic approach enables us to formulate better solutions to your financial challenges than are generally afforded by other advisers using less interrelated processes.

Our asset allocation expertise can help you exploit the full potential of diversification and achieve your investment goals along the way. The experts who take the responsibility to manage your portfolio are well-versed with the market happenings and they can better guide you on important investment decisions. Therefore, we focused on:

• We track the market and invest your money keeping your requirements in our mind.
• We take such decisions which can prosper your wealth tremendously.
• We advise you on whatever we are going to do in the share market.
• We understand your requirements for what kind of returns you actually expect from your investments.
• We recognize in which segments you prefer to invest in.

Discretionary Portfolio Service

Discretionary Portfolio provides the service provider a right to make decisions on behalf of the client, whether he wants to sell or buy the shares. Portfolio Manager has full and absolute discretion to manage the assets of account of the clients.

Non-Discretionary Service

The service provider consults with his clients on investment decisions or buying and selling of shares before transacting any event. The decision making power lies in the hands of the client only. The service provider can advise and assist them, but the final executions will be done according to the client’s order. The choice, as well as the timings of the investment decisions, rest solely with the Investor.

Advisory and Administrative Service

Under these services, century capital markets served the customer as custodial Service (advisory/administrative service) where the portfolio manager only suggests the investment ideas. The choice, as well as the execution of the investment decisions, rest solely with the Investor and the execution of trade is done by the client themselves.

• handles aspects such as dividend collection (Bonus shares and cash),
• rights, IPO and FPO share application,
• Filling auctions for Rights shares, dematerializing shares, etc.

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