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Century Capital

Established in 2016, Century capital is a licensed merchant banker from Securities exchange board of Nepal. Century capital is born out of the zeal to offer a high-quality professional merchant, investment banking and corporate advisory services. Century Capital is best of its breed of Investment & merchant bankers, underwriters, fund managers, advisors who ensure trust and commitment to our clients, shareholders and society to grow together. We offer entire range of Asset management services, Private wealth management services including portfolio management and financial planning.

Why CCML ?
CCML provides bespoken services with its team of leading industry personnel who provides best services to our clients. We follow a unique approach on full filling our clients need.

Our Approach

• Understand
• Plan
• Act
• Monitor
• Improve
• Achieve

Our Vision

Provide superior products and services to our customers by implementing best practices and incorporating modern technologies to raise industry standard.

Our Goal

Provide a wide range of products and servies to customers demanding merchant banking and investment banking services.

Our Core Values

Customer Approach

We focus on providing unique financial services that are tailored to the customer’s specific requests as per their business model and the capital requirement to deliver optimum customer satisfaction experience.


We believe in teamwork, pooling our resources including skills, information, and experience from people from all sector and aspect of life, to provide our customer with sophisticated financial services tailored to their specific needs.


We leverage modern and innovative practices and financial tools available to provide our customers with the top of the line services to solve their financial problems.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe in creating an inclusive environment where diversity is embraced. All individual, groups, and communities have information, knowledge, and skills that we believe can be accessed to provide our customers with a better solution for our customers.

Accountability & Integrity

We instill a strong sense of integrity and accountability in our staff and observe the highest ethical standard while providing services to our customers.

Board of Directors

Ms. Anupama Shrestha Manandhar



Mr. Deepesh Pradhan



Mr. Tribhuban Dhar Tuladhar



Mr. Ramesh Kumar Shrestha

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Binod Acharya

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Manjusha Shrestha

Head, Accounts, Finance and HR

Head, Accounts, Finance and HR

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